Do You Know the Danger of "overnight water" From Faucets

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  • Date:2019/11/06

For most citizens, the first thing they do in the morning is turn on the tap to wash their face, brush their teeth and boil water. Little imagine, just put out of the water may hide "health killer".

"It is better not to use the 'overnight water' left in the tap. When you open the tap every morning, leave it empty for a while and use it to flush the toilet, mop the floor and so on. In addition, connect hoses, spool and other small fittings in the water pipe, also involving drinking water safety, be sure to choose qualified products. Chai chunyan, director of the laboratory at the center of the county water group, told reporters, "when we take water samples from the pipe network, we also have a regulation that we should put it in for five minutes before taking samples, because the water that has been stuck in the pipe all night is' stagnant water ', which cannot represent the pipe network water. Some of the water pipes in the city are old and oxidized, and the lead content is a little high. We also remind residents not to drink water that has been stored in the pipes overnight while we are doing regular maintenance and renovation."

Originally, stop using a night of tap water from the tap and the pipe is static, these metal chamber wall and tap water and metal produce hydration reaction, form the metal pollution in water, and tap water in the residue of microbes will multiply, the water contains a large amount of harmful substances, also may be a hidden threat to human health acute respiratory infectious germs, legionella bacteria. If you use a poor quality faucet, "overnight water" can also contain excessive levels of lead.

So, how many citizens know the harm of "overnight water", can form the habit of "putting it in first and then using it"? The reporter randomly interviewed citizens of different ages, and found that most of them were using water directly and had no idea about the harm of overnight water, especially the elderly citizens, who thought it was too wasteful to waste water for nothing. In contrast, young mothers with children were particularly concerned. For example, Ms. Xu learned from the media 10 years ago that excessive amounts of lead in overnight water could damage nerves, hematopoietic and reproductive systems, and harm children's growth and intellectual development. Since then, she has developed the habit of letting go of "overnight water."

Reporter still discovers in investigation, although some citizens do not have "put first after using" habit, but for the health of family, installed purifier. Live in fengzeyuan Mr. Wang said, the wife is a doctor, usually contact long stone patients are too much, when the original home decoration, her first proposal is to install water purifier, said the water purifier to cook rice, cooking, eating just rest assured.

The reporter also carried on the investigation to the water purifier on my county market, in recent years, as people pay more and more attention to drinking water safety, water purifier no matter sales volume or design, are climbing and rich. According to different water quality, can be divided into pure water, pure water; According to the different functions, the machine has water purifier, pure water device; According to action different, still divide into kitchen pure water machine, direct drink machine, soft water machine, pipeline machine, central pure water machine to wait, the variety is much let a person dazzle. The role of descaling sterilizing, removing lead and silver ions, softening and inhibition of dirt, descaling and odor...... According to different needs, the choice of brands and types are also different. However, it should be noted that no matter what water treatment product you choose, you need to replace the water purification unit regularly, otherwise it may cause secondary pollution.

If you do not install a water purifier in your home, you do not need to worry about the safety of water quality. Because the tap water in our county strictly implements the 106 new national standards for water quality testing issued in 2012, and the water quality is better than the national standards, theoretically speaking, it has reached the standards for direct drinking. However, at present, even if the factory water meets the standard requirements, the aging pipe network and the non-standard secondary water supply facilities may still affect the user's water use. Therefore, it is very important to develop the habit of "release before use".




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