Professional Sanitary Ware Industry Exhibition Out of a New Road

  • By:Admin
  • Date:2019/11/06

In the face of domestic and foreign markets more than cattle hair, large and small sanitary ware enterprises, professional exhibition has become a concentrated show, the best platform for communication. Under normal circumstances, such exhibitions only allow professional visitors to participate in the exhibition, ordinary citizens rarely see. But the 2010 China that ends a few days ago (zhongshan) shower room industry exhibition, professional exhibition and folk exhibition sell meeting union rises, two days before exhibition basically aim at professional audience, open to the citizen the 3rd day, can yet be regarded as a kind of feasible try. According to a part of the exhibitors, the exhibition sales are also very considerable.

At present, the domestic auto show has formed a relatively mature business model, the media exhibition day, professional audience day and ordinary audience day and relatively independent and organic integration, often give full play to the exhibition effect. Auto shows can also be booked and purchased on the spot. Some gimmicks formed by top brands such as bugatti and lamborghini are also free publicity for enterprises. In this case, the sanitary ware exhibition open to the public why not?

With concept products in consumers to establish brand image, ordinary products directly drive sales. Drop your professional attitude and try to open the last day or half day of the trade show to ordinary citizens. It also conforms to the trend of environmental protection and low carbon. Many have participated in all sorts of exhibition defend bath business to express attend a show is a "labor and loss money" activity, especially the logistics of sample not only time-consuming consume force, and repeated transport also increased risk cost. If the samples are sold directly in the exhibition, the logistics cost of the samples will be saved and the risks of circulation links will be reduced. For some strong enterprises with relatively sound terminal channels and distribution channels, they can not only sell samples in the later stage of the exhibition, but also directly contract retail consumption orders, and then follow up the follow-up delivery, installation and other services through distributors around the country.




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