Sanitary Ware Industry Begins Diversity Development

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  • Date:2019/11/06

Overall wind hot sanitary products building materials industry diversification development along with the rise of the concept of "whole" in recent years, a lot of building materials industry in a timely manner with tight market, have developed a series of "whole" style building materials products, including whole sanitary ware is a very typical example, the current market, the use function of consumers for the product that defend bath, individual design requirements are rising, and more and more consumers begin to pay close attention to the unity, integration of integral sanitary ware that fine and multi-function, it also buoyed up with the rapid development of the whole sanitary ware.

The concept of wholeness continues to prevail

"Whole" of concept initiate, there is controversy all the time between inside course of study and consumer, the price that integral sanitary ware stays high is the bottleneck that the market promotes. Numerous sanitary ware brand is in 08 years raise "integral sanitary ware" tide battle, numerous clean is provided and ambry brand intervene in each other in succession or conformity, the trend will make the "integral sanitary ware" on true sense. The wind of whole still can continue to prevail, but how to reduce cost and develop different class to set a system, let integral sanitary ware become market mainstream truly, it is the problem that sanitary ware manufacturer wants to consider well.

Of sanitary ware enterprise ceaseless development, the promotion that sanitary ware clean provides and innovation are very important. 2011 has passed, the development of the bathroom industry in 2012 is very necessary, therefore, the innovation of bathroom products is quite important.

New materials keep coming out

More and more natural material is brought into the design of sanitary ware space, wood, stone, rattan art broke through the rut that does not serve as sanitary ware articles in succession; Synthetic materials are colorful: waterproof wallpaper, waterproof paint, metal Mosaic, color ceramics, self-cleaning glaze and other new technology constantly break the toilet white ceramics unify the world. The plank of ambry, mesa also brings the choice of consumer more and more material pledges, design and color.

The omni-directional humanization function expands.

The narrow definition that solves physiology demand, individual sanitation to be regarded as toilet already. The person enjoys maximization ground to blend into wash bath space, the key reflects the intellectualization that is in sanitary ware product. The vision of two kinds of channel in the person's enjoyment, auditory sense is realized adequately between washing bath. The bath crock of a fashionable appearance, besides have enough bath space, clever businessman is clever enchase TV, acoustics equipment among them of such intelligence enjoy the power that reciever comprehended science and technology.





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