Water-Saving Sanitary Ware Becomes the Mainstream of Consumption

  • By:Admin
  • Date:2019/11/06

Of sanitary ware industry ceaseless development, sanitary ware enterprise also is in ceaseless promotion oneself, sanitary ware product ceaseless breakthrough, the water-saving product that pattern is various defends bath is beautiful in all its glory, but consumer choose and buy rises to feel however laborious, "it is to see a brand commonly, listen to guide to buy personnel to introduce next, without professional knowledge, also do not understand".

Recently launched in a web of water-saving fittings, sanitary investigation of choose and buy, 76.3% of respondents said don't understand water-saving sanitary ware, sanitary ware, know very little about the water-saving principle, the choose and buy of water-saving sanitary ware, sanitary ware, only 36.5% of consumers said they would consider water-saving index, and 60.3% of consumers is based on brand sanitary ware, sanitary ware of choose and buy.

It is not difficult to see, although at present water saving clean is provided, sanitary ware has become market mainstream, but the consumable attitude of consumer did not guide completely with water saving, value price and appearance more however. Industry insiders said that with the increase of water price, water-saving products will undoubtedly usher in a market peak, but the current market of water-saving products, water-saving performance of water-saving products is uneven, easy to bring trouble to consumers.




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