Chrome 195mm square brass rain shower head

  • OEM&ODM supplied
  • Model: HOA0805/HOA0805S
  • Material: Full brass or brass front cover & S.S 304 back cover
  • Surface Finish: Chrome Plating
  • Size: 8” (195*195*8mm)
  • Connection: G1/2”
  • Package: High quality carton

PRODUCT Description

Rain Shower Heads are a necessary section of all present day bathrooms. From ceiling mounted shower head to wall established bathe heads, they are on hand in unique patterns and finishes.

Homeowners generally buy flush ceiling mounted rain shower head through its look. As lengthy as the rain bathe head blends in properly with the ordinary appearance of the bathroom, it is right to go. But this must now not be the case. There are positive different matters that you need to think about to make the buy cost for cash transaction.

Material: Rain bathe heads are made of distinct sorts of materials. Brass is the most typically used fabric for showerheads. Apart from brass, stainless steel, zinc, and plastic are additionally used for making showerheads.

The important cause for the recognition of brass is its power and durability. It can face up to all temperatures and does now not get worn off fast.

Price: Rain bathe heads are on hand in one of a kind fee ranges. Thus, everybody who desires to furnish cutting-edge contact to their toilet can go for a rain bathe head.

An easy flush ceiling mounted rain shower head is on hand for much less than $400. Ceiling mounted shower heads are reachable for $600. More state-of-the-art designs with LED lights and mild faraway manage can be bought for $1000 and above.

Water conservation: Rain bathe heads are handy at exclusive water waft rates. You can locate bathe heads in 2.5 GPM, two GPM, 1.8 GPM, and 1.5 GPM. If you prefer high-pressure water flow, then you can choose for bathe head with 2.5 GPM.

Since all showerheads are designed to have water drift beneath 2.5 GPM, there is an appropriate conservation of water.

Ease of maintenance: Rain bathe heads are effortless to maintain. Most of the ceiling mounted shower head are accessible in a glossy and easy end like chrome, which makes it convenient to clean. All you want is a cotton fabric and water to wipe down the showerhead.

Type of installation: Rain bathe heads can both be wall-mounted or ceiling mounted. Ceiling mounted shower head can be recessed or hung from the ceiling the usage of bathe arms. Depending on the fashion of the decor of the lavatory and your non-public preference, you can decide on any kind of installation.

Finish: Chrome is the most frequent kind of end for rain showerheads. But aside from chrome, showerheads are additionally reachable in a variety of different finishes. Oil rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, vintage brass, gold and stainless metal are a few different finishes in which showerheads are available. Thus, whilst buying a flush ceiling mounted rain shower head, you are certain to locate one that fits the average layout of your bathroom.

Features: Rain bathe heads are accessible in distinctive shapes. Though spherical is the most famous form of rain showerhead, it is additionally on hand in rectangular and rectangular shapes. The structure of the showerhead needs to rely on the form of the bathroom. If you have a rectangular bathroom, it is exceptional to go for a showerhead in a rectangular shape.

Similarly, rain showerheads are additionally reachable in distinctive sizes. Sizes in 8” to 12” are fantastic proper for small bathrooms. For a medium-sized bathroom, you can choose for showerheads in 16” – 20” size. For very massive bathrooms, showerheads in 32” – 40” would be the proper choice. The stress of water relies upon on the dimension of the showerhead. Smaller showerheads have a tendency to have excessive water strain in contrast to massive showerheads.

Before buying flush ceiling mounted rain shower head, it is very vital to acquire as a good deal of data as viable about the product and its features. This ensures that you get the proper rain bathe head as per your requirement and toilet aesthetics. 


No Middle Trader

No Middle Trader


High Quality Raw Material

Direct After-sales of Manufacturer

Direct After-sales of Manufacturer


Special require this function in advance before order.

Air Injection Oxygen-enriched Shower


The ball of joint is 360 degrees adjustment and 15 degrees reversal of oblique angle.

Joint apply solid brass with chrome plating.

Non-bursting, Anti-aging, quality assurance.

Swivel Joint

The filtering net of Self-sealing-filter the impurities

Water Saving Restrictor+Filter


Solid brass material-the surface of chrome plating looks smooth and shinning as mirror.

Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, durability.

Chrome Plating


High quality silicone-soft, anti-aging, keep shape under hot temperature, cold-resisting and non-bursting.

Silicone Nozzles


Explosion-proof screws apply 304 stainless steel material, strong and durable.

Screws Reinforcement


Shower head front cover apply brass material while back cover brass or SUS 304 mirror shining available.

High quality real material guarantee high quality products.

Stable export quality, 8mm thickness and weight of 843g.

High Quality Material Selection





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