Matte black 195mm square brass rain shower head

  • OEM&ODM supplied
  • Model: HOA0805B/HOA0805SB
  • Material: Full brass or brass front cover & S.S 304 back cover
  • Surface Finish: Matte black
  • Size: 8” (195*195*8mm)
  • Connection: G1/2”
  • Package: High quality carton

PRODUCT Description

There is no doubt in admitting that square rainfall shower heads are wonderful. Have you noticed that finding the right shower heads can be tricky? However, if you have made up your mind to install a shower head at your home, you should not change your mind. Rather, you should try to focus on these tips which will definitely help you in making the right decision.

Check the Mount Type

So, once you decide to enjoy a shower at your home, find out the exact type that will suit your need. Nowadays, shower heads come in different types like wall mount or ceiling mount. Before moving ahead, you should know the purpose of installing a shower in your home. If you have kids around then it is good to consider their taste and go for the same that delight them.

Look for the Pressure

Now you need to check the coverage as well as pressure. While installing a square rainfall shower head, you need to consider the pressure as it should serve the purpose well. Besides bathing, it should add to your refreshing experience. Second thing is the coverage; you should check that the shower you are going to install should give you wide coverage. Coverage is basically to consider how much area the ceiling mounted rain shower headcan cover with its spray. The pressure is to understand well how strong the flow you feel on your skin.

Determine the Size

How can you skip the size? It is indeed an important factor while selecting the right Rain Shower Heads. It is going to be an important factor so you need to pick a shower head diameter that suits your needs. Most square rainfall shower head are available in size that varies from 8 Inches to 12 Inches. Shower heads can be versatile so you can pick the one that goes well with your installation type.

Who does not want to bathe in a spick and span bathroom? Every accessory enhances the look of your bathing are and so are the showers. When you take a bath, it is so refreshing using ceiling mounted rain shower head. Cleaning your shower takes time and efforts. Of course, you can spend a lot of money on cleaning material that may contain harsh ingredients.

However, there are few cleaning tips that help you save money and decrease the use of harsh cleaners.

Cleaning Shower Curtains

After using the ceiling mounted rain shower head, always ensure to stretch the curtain and liners lying across the rod. You wish to remove any folds that hold moisture that may turn in mildew. Besides, you can always launder most curtains to remove mildew. Gently wash it in warm water and then hang to dry.

Removing Soap Scum

It is time to put on your rubber gloves. Then you can scrub shower doors and tile with mixing 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water for removing the soap buildup. Rinsing it properly using warm water is another way to clean it. Vinegar is best for removing the mineral deposits.


No Middle Trader

No Middle Trader


High Quality Raw Material

Direct After-sales of Manufacturer

Direct After-sales of Manufacturer


Special require this function in advance before order.

Air Injection Oxygen-enriched Shower


The ball of joint is 360 degrees adjustment and 15 degrees reversal of oblique angle.

Joint apply solid brass with chrome plating.

Non-bursting, Anti-aging, quality assurance.

Swivel Joint

The filtering net of Self-sealing-filter the impurities

Water Saving Restrictor+Filter


Solid brass material-the surface of black paint is even fullness.

Anti-scratch, anti-corrosion, durability.

Matte Black


High quality silicone-soft, anti-aging, keep shape under hot temperature, cold-resisting and non-bursting.

Silicone Nozzles


Explosion-proof screws apply 304 stainless steel material, strong and durable.

Screws Reinforcement


Shower head front cover apply brass material while back cover brass or SUS 304 mirror shining available.

High quality real material guarantee high quality products.

Stable export quality, 8mm thickness and weight of 834g.

High Quality Material Selection





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